The Sentinel S60 offers the best protection for your bicycle thanks to the unique and extremely safe RFID technology. The smart bicycle lock is entirely keyless and opens with the Sentinel app on your smartphone, with the key-fobs or with the ID card.

The Sentinel S60 smart lock has 4 extra smart features (included in the premium subscription):

  1. Track & trace function, with build in precision GPS
  2. Theft prevention, with 100 dB alarm and app notification
  3. Crash detection, the lock sends out an automated notification
  4. Bike Sharing, you can share your bike with your friends

Your order contains:

✔️ 1x  Sentinel smart lock
✔️ 1x  USB-C charging cable
✔️ 2x  RFID key-fob
✔️ 1x  lock ID card
✔️ Access to the smartphone application (iOS or Android).
✔️One year free premium subscription to the 4 extra features: Track & Trace, Theft prevention, Crash detection and Bike Sharing.

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